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Kidmin Training from
Kidz Blitz creator, Roger Fields

After serving as children’s pastor Roger Fields created and launched Blitz Ministries where he now serves as president. He has conducted live events for kids and families in over 40 denominations across America since 1996. Hundreds of thousands of kids and adults have attended Blitz events and over 100,000 have responded to the invitation to receive Christ. He has taught countless children’s ministry workshops and spoken at a variety of ministry conferences. He lives with his wife, Lori, in Nicholasville, Kentucky.

Sky’s the Limit. Something dawned on Roger that became a game changer.

What are the 2 non-negotiables for children’s church?

Non-Negotiable #1: It’s not about what you do for God. It’s all about what God did for you through Jesus.

Non-Negotiable #2: Involvement. How does involvement work?

How and why to use competition

The easiest teaching tool ever! And it’s FREE!

How to use quick skits to energize children’s church

How to make a Bible story come alive

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