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Roger Fields Kidz BlitzThe Lowdown on Kidz Blitz Ministries

Kidz Blitz Ministries is a non-profit organization that conducts high-energy, christian events in Children’s, Youth and Family Ministries for churches in over 50 denominations across America. We are America’s premier live event for churches and the best way for your church to reach new families. Our shows are Kidz Blitz Live, Fam Blitz Live, Blitz Party Live, Blitz Christmas, and school event Bully Blitz.

INVOLVEMENT. We think being a participant is better than being a spectator. We are always working on new ways to involve more people during a show. Because it’s always more fun to DO than to WATCHKidz Blitz produces stuff that helps people get involved. The Bible is full of stories of how God involved people.

A LITTLE DEEPER. To us, ministry should go beyond the safety of teaching virtues and values. Ministry is more than behavioral modification. It is about leading people into a life of faith and relationship with Jesus that empowers them to live lives of freedom in a loving Savior, Jesus Christ. At the end of our event, we give people an opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The specifics of how we do that is entirely under the church’s direction. We are there to serve you.

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